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Frequently asked questions

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Yes. That’s what we do. Buying a second hand car here might be a highly difficult and stressful challenge for you. We can help remove all that stress and make it fun. You will avoid buying a car with major problems and you won’t get ripped off.

We will make all the phone calls and ask all the right questions about the car. Most expats’ Spanish level, even if high, would not include such technical language. We inspect the cars and advise you of any issues. We often inspect several cars until we find one that is perfect for you. Then we negotiate with the seller and help with all the legal matters, payment, insurance and tax. Our aim is to make your life easy!   

Can you help me buy a car?

What is the price for your service?

Service price based on: 

- Inspection of each car: $130

Included with the inspections:

- Find the cars 

- Call the sellers / ask all questions

- Thorough inspection / test drive

- Full report on the pros and cons

- Negotiate the best price

- Liaise with our trusted lawyer

- Advise / assist with payments, marchamo, riteve, insurance, and all other legal requirements.


We also offer transportation to go see the cars, for an additional gas fee, depending on the vehicles location.

I am an expat. Shouldn’t I trust an expat over a Costa Rican?

It is understandable that an expat might think it makes sense to deal with a fellow expat. Often that is the case, but not always. Just because someone looks more like you or comes from your country does not mean they always have your best interests at heart. Do you automatically trust the second hand car salesmen in your home country?

The advantage we have is that we know the culture and we can deal with sellers ‘Tico to Tico’. You get the benefit of that. We have helped so many expats buy cars over the years and the trust and appreciation they have shown us has been wonderful.


Read some of our Facebook reviews to hear their opinions.


Do I need a car in Costa Rica?

It depends on how you wish to experience Costa Rica.


Some expats come here and live in a suburb like Escazu where everything is close to hand. If they don’t plan to venture further often then it may not be necessary to have a car. Public transport and walking may suffice. This may also be true if you are coming for a short vacation.  


Most however have a desire to see around our beautiful little country. It may be small but the transport infrastructure is limited and there is really no substitute for the freedom that having your own car offers.

You can visit anywhere from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean and all the wondrous sights in between and all on your own timetable.

Can I drive with my current driving license?

You only need a valid driver's license from your home country to operate a vehicle for a period of 3 months from your last date of entry. For this reason you should have your passport (or pics of the relevant pages on your phone) to show to police when requested. There is no need for an international driving license.

Can I own a car in Costa Rica?

Yes you can. The car can be in your name. In the past people used to incorporate companies for tax reasons but that is no longer necessary.

Is there a way to rent/ lease a car in Costa Rica for an extended period?

As a tourist destination, Costa Rica has many car rental companies. If you are here for a matter of weeks then it makes sense to rent a car.


If you are staying for longer then the rental costs can soon add up and people begin to wonder whether buying is a more suitable option.


That is up to you and depends on your length of stay and budget.


We deal with people who decide to buy their own car. Sometimes we have clients that stay for several months or a year and then either sell the car to us, or leave it with us to sell on their behalf and then send them the proceeds of sale when they are already back home.


We are touched by such a level of trust! Sometimes we even pick the car up from them at the airport as they leave!!

How is driving in Costa Rica?

How you will find driving here depends on your previous driving experience. Some find the roads narrow and the road users erratic. To others it is much like the driving conditions they have encountered in other countries. It is true that potholes can be an issue especially on country roads and road lighting can leave a lot to be desired. Some expats make a point of trying not to drive after sunset. Most visitors find driving here can be a bit of an adventure. Usually after a short adjustment period, drivers feel pretty comfortable on the road.

Are cars expensive in Costa Rica?

They are. The reason for this is that cars are subject to a high import tax here, high shipping costs and are valued by the Ministerio de Hacienda. Sometimes people are shocked at the prices of cars here, even second hand cars. The means cars hold their value well which is why we have clients that stay for as little as 6 months choose to buy a car on arrival and then sell it on departure.

Do you have any questions?

If so send me an email now or a whatsapp message: 8855-8827

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