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How does it work?

So you want to buy a car in Costa Rica… but where to begin?

For many people the prospect is a daunting one. You may not know your way around San Jose. You may not know that much about cars or the local vehicle market. You may not be confident that your Spanish is technically up to scratch. That’s where we come in.

  • Get in touch, tell us your needs

  • We start looking for your car

  • We arrange a viewing 

  • Full CR Car Guy inspection

  • Thumbs up or thumbs down?

  • We get you the best price

  • We help with payment and all that follows

You get in touch and tell us what you are looking for

  • The type of vehicle e.g. SUV

  • Any preferred make and model e.g. Toyota Rav4

  • Your budget range e.g. USD 12-16K

  • Any other requirements re mileage, age, color etc.


Tell us what to find and we will find it!


While you sit back, sip a margarita we go to work!

We scour all sources of information (online, in print, through our local contacts) over several days to find cars as close as possible to your requirements.


We make calls left, right and center, talking to sellers in San Jose and beyond, asking all the key questions.


Together we decide when to take action

We keep you informed about what opportunities we see and together we make decisions on which ones merit an inspection.


We then hop in the car (either with or without you as you prefer) and battle the hectic traffic of San Jose to visit the sellers and check out each car.

We conduct the full CR Car Guy inspection for you

We slap on our gloves and go to work giving the car an extensive inspection. We have a 3 page checklist of checks! If there is anything significantly wrong with this car we will find it.

We check: all the key engine elements, the tires, the bodywork, the glass finishes, the electrics, all the dash features, all the interior features and we make a note of everything! We look for red flags. Of course we also go for a test drive testing all the key elements.

We also talk to the seller and ask all the pertinent questions about the car, its history, reasons for selling and many more.

Together we decide: Thumbs up or thumbs down?

We will not let you buy a bomb. Sometimes we find things wrong with cars that mean we simply forbid our customers from considering them further. Other times there may be a few little imperfections here or there.


Sometimes we find cars in excellent condition with nothing of concern at all. What we will always do is consider whether you are getting value for money.

We will discuss this all with you in depth and make our price recommendations.

We get you the best price

If together we have decided on a car and the price is within reason, we will negotiate on your behalf with the seller. We will point out all the shortcomings we have identified in the inspection and haggle down the price as much as possible. If all parties find the result acceptable, we will agree to the purchase and arrange next steps with the seller.


We help you with the payment and all that follows

We can assist with all the elements of sale: payment procedures, registration, lawyers and legal documentation, insurance – all the things that would be a huge headache to do yourself!  

That’s it! That’s what we do.


We exist to help people in exactly your position. We do a great job and our customers love us for it!

Check out our customer articles or Facebook reviews 

Get in touch now if you need help buying a car in Costa Rica!

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